Mufudzi Wemombe (The Herd Boy)

Mufudzi Wemombe “The herd boy theme song” by Trevor Dongo ft Feli Nandi & produced by MacDee.

Kubuda kwezuva, mhodzi yawira paruware (When the sun comes out, the seed falls onto the rock)

Mahwekwe ne jecha, apo mvura yosasa – (It integrates with the soil; the rain is drizzling)

The two lines above are the first part of Trevor Dongo’s hit Mufudzi Wemombe.  They paint the picture of a new day bringing hope. As each day begins, there is a seed being planted with possibility of prosperity.

When l first listened to the song, l played it several times while digesting the rich lyrical content and enjoying the mellifluous vocals as Trevor blends perfectly with Feli Nandi, the well-arranged instruments were the icing on the cake. The song is mostly in Shona with a few English lines.

The song was written by Trevor Dongo and recorded within an hour, after reading the whole the book in 3 hours. It was inspired by a book written by his friend Barnabas called “The herd boy” which is based on a true story . This song reminds me of one Trevor’s first songs, Ndozviita sei because both songs talk about struggles that children go through. Unlike Ndozviita sei, which ends on a sad note, Mufudzi wemombe inspires one to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Most people can relate to both songs as they are birthed from real life experiences.

Unlike most songs in our generation which talk about sex, money and partying, this song an inspirational song about fighting to get what we desire out of life. While some people might not relate to the struggle of being a herd buy, most have had their own share of childhood challenges and this song is a reminder that despite the hardships that one faces there is room to excel.

Several things stick out for me when l listen to this song

  1. Mufudzi wemombe, uchamutora mukombe (The herd boy will take the trophy) – Not only is this the introduction of this song, it is a chant that is repeated multiple times throughout the song. This is an excellent introduction as it gives the listener an idea of what the song is about.
  2. Mufudzi wemombe – The title of the song, Mufudzi wemombe (herd boy) reminds me of how in society we define one another based on our present conditions such as herd boy, the struggling one, single mother and drunkard. Often, we limit ourselves according to the titles given to us and do not see ourselves beyond what we have been named. It might be the position one is in at the time, but it should not determine their future. Despite what the society has called you, remember you too can take the trophy one day.

I love that the song does not end on sad note rather it ends with a message that leaves the listener with courage to fight and keep the eye on the ball. The writer reminds the listener that victory is not handed to one on a silver platter. Therefore, instead of focusing on the hurdles one has, they should press towards the goal.

  • Kukura usina anokuda (Growing up without anyone loving you) – According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, love is one of our greatest needs, therefore when one does not get love when they are young, it is said to leave a deep wound that might affect them for the rest of their life. The song highlights how the herd boy was neglected by his family and there was no one giving him the love he needed. Most times family is our pillar of strength and most people give up on life when they are rejected by family. Nevertheless, the herd boy did not allow this to be an obstacle. This for me was an encouragement and reminder to keep going even if those closest to me to do not give me love and support.
  • Bakatwa rebudiriro riri mumoyo (The sword to success is in the heart) This phrase reminds us that the key to success is in hidden in the heart. It does not matter what it looks like on the outside, guard that dream that is in the heart, there is no need to publish it and keep going until you get the trophy

Mufudzi wemombe is a must listen for both the young and old. This is a song that one can listen to for inspiration when they are in their low and are about to throw in the towel, when driving to work, when one is in a rocky place or when one just needs motivation. Make a decision today to go against the tide of people’s expectations, use the bricks that they have thrown at you to build an empire that will take the trophy.

Listen and be inspired

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