Celebration, relaxation & and excellent service!

As compensation for not being able to celebrate my 30th birthday last year because of COVID 19 restrictions, this year l set my mind on celebrating my birthday in style. Most birthday celebrations are marked with parties, crowds, music and the like. However, l wanted something unique for my 31st, something intimate, relaxed celebration and a spa party tickled my fancy.

My spa party had to be perfect and therefore l went on a social media hunt to search for the perfect spa to host my birthday. After a few enquiries, Lotus Wellness Spa won my heart.

Even before committing to Lotus wellness l knew in my heart without doubt that it was a place that l wanted to visit. While doing enquiries, l felt valued as a customer and l got swift responses on their Instagram page and on their WhatsApp number. I was then invited to go to Lotus wellness for a tour, I was impressed with what l saw. Lotus wellness is Located in Belgravia, along Downie avenue which makes it easily accessible whether you are driving or using public transport. Their facilities were great but the smiles and warmth in that place got me to make up my mind.

Those who know me know that l like to plan things and make sure everything is in place. Nevertheless, it was a busy season at work and l had very little breathing space to plan a perfect birthday celebration. Marigold, from Lotus wellness kept calling and messaging me to find out what l wanted for my birthday so that like a genie they could grant my wishes. Nevertheless, l was so busy and l hardly gave her anything to work with.

me and my friends in one of the treatment rooms which is outside

Finally the day that l was waiting for came and it was a memorable one.

Upon arrival, we were directed to the reception where we had to fill in treatment forms. While waiting, we were offered something to drink on the house. One could choose from water, juice or tea. As we sat at the waiting area, the saying which says, customer is king came to life. We were treated like royalty, and although we were not spending thousands of dollars we were treated like millionaires and we felt like “mbingas”

The ambience at lotus wellness is amazing. They play soothing, relaxing music throughout in every room including the waiting area. As l started listening to this music my mind and body slowly went into relaxing mode.

One of my favorite sites is the pool area. The views from the pool are breathtaking, the water has a calming effect. The combination of the quiet environment, water and the surrounding vegetation is therapeutic. This is a perfect spot for meditation, relaxing and some alone time

The Estheticians who did our treatments were very professional. They asked questions about our skin and what results we expected from the treatments that we were getting. The spa has a number of state of the art well equipped rooms for treatments such as massages, waxing, scrubs, sauna and steam, manicure and pedicure. In addition to these great facilities, there are a number of outside relaxing areas where one can sit and just recoup.

I chose to get a polished to perfection full body scrub and it was an amazing experience. Before commencing the treatments, the lady who was doing my treatment took time to explain the whole process and l was allowed to ask questions. I was warned that the esthetician that would be scrubbing some sensitive areas and it was my choice to let her scrub. The lady who did my treatment was really good and made sure that l was comfortable . I chose the full body scrub because not only does it get rid of dead skin, it improves blood circulation. After my treatment my skin was smoother and the tenseness l was feeling in my body was gone.

One of the things that really impressed me was how Marigold from lotus wellness ran around and went out of her way to make sure we were well catered for. We had a photo shoot first and again Marigold ran around to make sure that we captured every moment. This lady is amazing and l am truly grateful for all the effort that she put into making my birthday memorable.
To top up the great service, a table was set for us (on the house) for lunch . We got food delivered again these ladies made sure our food was warm and served for us. Our snacks were also served in platters prepared by these amazing hosts.

Lotus wellness’ motto is harmony between body and mind. And l must say, by the time l left that place, there was indeed harmony between my body and mind. I highly recommend Lotus wellness for all your spa treatments.

2 thoughts on “Celebration, relaxation & and excellent service!”

  1. Thats really nice, your description made me feel like i was there lol and i bet its worth it. Just worried why you should lie about your age kkkkk

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this review, says it all as it is!!!Great place indeed with exceptional service,l always look forward to my trips there😊


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